As yes...salt, you will love each other.

So far my week has been a mixutre of complete and utter crap, with some smatterings of random acts of kindness.

Tuesday morning I woke up, rolling over in bed and through my half closed eyes noticed how light out it was.  "Thats strange," I thought to myself. "Normally before 7:00 its pitch black...AH CRAP!"  I jumped out of bed only realize that even though I start work at 8:00, it was now 8:45 and I was still in pjs.  Gosh darn it!  I ran around trying to get ready, decided that I wasn't that smelly, put on some clothes and ran out the door.  I missed the bus.  15 minutes later the next bus pulls up and who is it? My regular bus driver in the morning!  I step onto the bus.  The bus driver looks at me, looks at his watch, looks at me.  "I think you're a little late."  It made me laugh.  So I got to work two hours late.  I was feeling like crap cause I hadn't showered.  Got through the day and was getting ready to go home.  I had my stuff ready when I realized I had forgotten something.  So I went into the back of the office quickly, came back out.  Lo and Behold some asshat had stolen my purse.  Not only my purse, but my whole friggen life.  Credit card, debit cards, cell phone, drivers licence (which includes my home address) and to go along with the address ALL of my keys, and my birth certificate.  I had to borrow money in order to get home.  I stood on the side of the road waiting for the bus ready to jump anyone who had the same purse as me.
Everyone that was left in the office offered me money and rides until I got everything fixed.  It was really nice of them.   

Called the police, they can't do anything, talked to the building security, they can't do anything.  Not that I expected the person to be caught.   

The next morning I was walking to the bus, and as I got to a busy intersection and slipped on some ice and landed on my wrist.  The only thing worse then falling down and hurting falling down and hurting yourself in front of about 50 people. When I got into the office one of the girls had bought me a gingerbread latte and banana bread saying, "I don't know what else I can do to help you feel better but I hope this helps!"  And honestly it really did.  Someone else gave me a bottle of red wine.  Probably so I can drown my sorrows in a drunken stupor. :)

Today I was talkign to one of the ladies in the office who has been nothing but nice to me since I got her.  She once told me that since she has daughters my age she feels like she kind of needs to adopt me. Haha Anyways, she was asking what all had been stolen, and when I told her my cellphone was gone she got excited.  "Well I have a cellphone that I only used for a month!  They wanted me to use a Blackberry when I started working here.  So if you don't mind getting a used cellphone you can have that one!"   She gave me a cellphone!  I couldn't believe how nice some people have been.  I haven't asked for handouts, but if people offer I'm not going to say no.  

I'm still angry that someone stole my purse.  But I guess it could have been worse, right?
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Tuesday night I saw the saddest thing.  Me and Kevin decided we wanted chinese food and just down the road is a restaurant.  I figured we might as well just walk there and order it.  We walked in and there were literally 4 customers in there.  2 people were sitting down and eating and 2 other people were waiting for takeout orders as well.  That made me a little uncomfortable to start off with.  But almost immediatly I noticed two chinese girls sitting at a table. They were probably around 8 and 12, and obviously the children of the people who owned the restaurant.  The younger girl came up to help us, and then the older girl kept having to answer the phone when it rang.  Everytime she was done writing down the takeout orders she would walk back to the table, pick up her books and try to do homework.  No sooner would she have sat down then the phone would ring again and she would have to get up and answer.  As this continued I could tell she was getting frustrated and eventually she started crying.  It almost broke my heart.  

When our food was ready they helped us pay and Kevin asked them how often they worked there.   Everyday!  I mean, I have no problem with kids helping out a day or so a week, but 
A) they shouldn't have been left alone out there to help customers and answer phones
B) they shouldn't have to do that everyday.

It was obviously affecting their schoolwork and when were they getting the chance to be kids?  Nothing was better when I was a kid then coming home after school and watching cartoons.  Or going out and playing with friends.  Kids shouldn't be forced to work in their parents business' all the time.  Just because parents made the choice to start a business doesn't mean that their children should pay the price.  

We decided we wouldn't go back there again.

And wii's and ps3's and games! Oh my!

In light of how ridiculously overpriced the PS3 is going to be.  And also how much sony has been forcing me to hate them lately, I have devised a plan.  

So, say you buy the good version of the ps3, cause if you are going to spend that much you might as well get the good one.  So for the approximately $700.00  that I could spend on a ps3 this is my breakdown.

Brand new Wii: 280.00
(which means I now get to play those awesome gamecube games!)
Mario Party 7: 60.00
(I have an unhealthy love of mario party games.) 
World of Warcraft Burning Crusade: 50.00
Harry Potter Chamber of Secrets, Harry Potter Prisoner of Azkaban, Harry Potter Sorcerer's Stone and Harry Potter Quidditch World Cup: 25.00 total for all just because I can.
Half a year of World of Warcraft game time: 120.00
Wacom Tablet: 140.00

For a grand total of $675.00 which means I would still have $25.00 with which I could buy chocolate! :D  It would be glooorious!
So now this is my question.  What would you do with that much money?

In other news, I almost froze my ass off coming to work this morning.  I hate winter.  More specifically, I hate winter at 7:00 in the morning when I would like nothing more than to be back in my very warm bed.
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I am so freaking bored.  I had to come to work today.  And even on a normal day there isn't that much for me to do.  Today there is absolutly nothing to do.  All of the things I do in a normal day usually involves the bank.  The bank isn't open today.  I'm not even joking when I say that I did 15 minutes of work this morning when I got in and since then I've answered about 4 phone calls and that is it. 

So far today, I have done a couple illustrations for a storyboard I'm trying to help a friend with.  I started exploring MySpace.   Oh, I found Kevin Federline's myspace.  I wonder if he is going to take Britney out of his top 20 now that they are getting divorced.... haha  He's just too easy to make fun of. 

Quick!  someone send me a link, or send me somewhere that I will be entertained for the next hour!  Hurry hurry!

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As I was sitting on the bus yesterday I witnessed quite the exchange.  Two women were standing there talking to this older man.  The two girls were mid 20's I would say, though they were the type who acted like they were 16.  The man was probably in his late 30s, was wearing sweat pants and a sweater all covered in mud.  The two girls were talking about how they had treated their men like gold but they got cheated on anyways.  Then the one girl kept repeatedly saying how she liked her men more fiesty in bed.  And how she liked her men to take charge in bed.  She kept saying the "in bed" part really loud.  As if she were really proud of it and wanted everyone on the bus to know that she had sex.  Maybe she was just trying to drill it through this guys head that she was ready and willing...I have no idea.  After that she started singing Sunglasses at Night.  Think of the most monotone singing voice you can, and that was it.  And this wasn't quiet singing either, this was loud "can you hear me at the back of the bus?" singing.  The other girl got all excited and exclaimed, "We should go to karaoke tonight!" 

Basically the two friends would talk and randomly the guy would sort of just say "yeah" or occasionally a whole sentence.  Mostly he just watched them.  Eventually he started to look a little more...agitated.  He started punching the metal poles on the bus, and elbowing them.  All this time the two friends kept talking away and each had one earpiece and were listening to some music.  After punching and elbowing the pole for a while he started fidgeting around the waistline of his pants.  Then he sort of reached in and took out a knife, looked at it for a second, and then repositioned it in his pants.  Then he continued with the punching and elbowing.

Now at this point the girls had given up on karaoke and suddenly decided they wanted to go bowling.  They proceeded to try and talk this guy into going bowling with them.  He was covered in mud from work and said that he would maybe go another night.  The girls happily gave him their phone numbers right before he got off the bus.  

Right after he got off the bus the girls turned to each other and said "He seems like a really good guy!"  At this point I wanted to grab them by the shoulders, shake them, and then scream in their faces, "Open your eyes!  He obviously feels the need to forcefully, repeatedly hit things.  And the man carries knives in his pants! Wake up!"    I consider myself a very naive and trusting person, but even I have to draw the line somewhere...

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Take this job...

And shove it!

Last night was officially my last shift at Bing's.  I quit! :D  YAY!

Some kids came in and tried to trick or treat....Who the hell goes to a chinese restaurant and trick or treats?  

"Trick or Treat!"
"You have good costumes!  Here have a chicken ball!"
I gave them fortune cookies...

So here I am, listening to the Office Space soundtrack.  Man I love that movie, I have to watch it again.    Heres a little snippet from one of the songs.  It makes me so happy.

Take this job and shove it
I ain't workin here no more
Take this job and shove it
I ain't workin here no more
Take this job and shove it
I ain't workin here no more
Take this job, take this job, take this job and shove it

Yo, if your boss is a S-O-B
Tell him to S-H-O-V-E the J-O-B
Put your middle finger up slowly
Put it close enough to his face so he can examine it closely
Say I ain't workin here no more
Who do you think you are?

Ahh yes...I wish I had done that....
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Today has been gloriously full of music. :D

This morning I was just sitting on the bus on my way to work.  All of a sudden I became aware of the girl who was sitting next to me.  I could hear her music through her headphones.  Suddenly I started looking around the bus and imagining everyone on it suddenly breaking into dance spontaneously.   That old lady sitting there quietly?  She could go mad with the breakdancing skills.  The guy over there with the bleach blond hair?  Spirit Finger Fever!  I shortly had the whole bus dancing in my head.  It was fantastic...

Then this afternoon I was walking back from the bank and this guy was behind and he was beatboxing (it was actually really good, not just some 14 year old who suddenly thought "Hey this is kind of cool, I bet everyone will love me if I pretend like I can do it!").  All of a sudden I thought of how amazing it would be if you had a beatboxer follow you around and create a soundtrack to your life.  Think of it!  Oh man it would be everything the world is supposed to be in my mind...
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While Elmo has never been called an alien he IS red.

So I was just reading a story on Smoking Gun.  It is about drug smuggling group who are stuffing meth into the heads of Elmo dolls as a means of transport.  As amusing as that is on its own, the real hilarity for me came in a line at the very end of the story.  

"While Elmo has never previously been linked to narcotics distribution or use, the Sesame Street character appears to have no teeth, which frequently is seen in heavy meth users."

The absurdity of that statement actually made me choke on my hot chocolate in laughter.  I had this image in my head of the witch scene from Monty Python.

"Witches cackle, Elmo has an annoying laugh which could be considered by some a cackle. Therefore...*nudge nudge*"
"Elmo is a witch!"
"Burn him!"

I never liked his eyes either...while he has never been linked to frogs, frogs have googly eyes...

In conclusion to this post which has likely made no sense whatsoever I would like to state the obvious.  Elmo is an alien witch who, one day while out of his mind on meth, turned himself into a frog.  It all makes so much sense now...
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